Advisory Membership Panel

The Group is overseen by an independent Advisory Panel of eight experts drawn from across the Associate Membership to provide specialist knowledge and guidance, and support the work of the Group.  The views of the Advisory Panel represent a broad spectrum and do not indicate either support for or opposition to unconventional oil and gas.

The Members of the Advisory Panel are as follows:


INEOS is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. It comprises 15 businesses each with a major chemical company heritage. Its production network spans 51 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries throughout the world.

Consumer Futures

Consumer Futures aims to attain ‘more power to the people’.  Consumer Futures want consumers, particularly those more vulnerable, to have a voice in relation to the goods and services they receive.  Consumer Futures works both with and on behalf of consumers to address consumer problems and make a difference to people’s lives.

Professor Richard Davies

Professor Richard Davies is a petroleum geologist and Professor of Energy at Durham University.  He spent 8 years in the oil and gas industry in the UK and USA before becoming an academic. From 2009-2013 he was Director of Durham Energy Institute and now he is Dean of Knowledge Exchange and Impact.  He has published over 80 research papers and since 2011 has focused research specifically towards providing an unbiased, independent, evidence base on the environmental risks of shale gas and oil exploitation, dealing with issues such as the risks of water contamination, felt earthquakes and the integrity of hydrocarbon boreholes.


PwC is founded on a culture of partnership with a strong commercial focus.  This is reflected in the vision: “One firm – a powerhouse of a commercial enterprise that does the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities”.

UK Onshore Operators Group

UKOOG is the representative body for the UK onshore oil and gas industry including exploration, production and storage. The organisation’s objectives are to: enhance the profile of the whole onshore industry (both conventional and unconventional); promote better and more open dialogue with key stakeholders; deliver industry wide initiatives and programmes; and ensure the highest possible standards in safety, environment management and operations.


WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation; a truly global network, working in more than 100 countries; a challenging, constructive, science-based organisation that addresses issues from the survival of species and habitats to climate change, sustainable business and environmental education; and an organisation that makes a difference.

Institute of Directors

The IoD is a worldwide association of members, providing a professional network for all corners of the business community.  As the UK’s longest running organisation for professional leaders, the IoD is dedicated to supporting its 38,000 members, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business community and society as a whole.